Wedding Questionnaire
Bride's Name and Phone Number:
Groom's Name and Phone Number:
Are we providing music and/or a mic for your ceremony?
Please provide the address for the ceremony location:
Please list the ceremony start time, as well as the songs you want played for each portion of the ceremony:
Please provide the name, address, as well as the contact info for your reception location:
What do you prefer your DJ wear? Choices are: shirt and tie, polo and kahkis, other (please specify), or no preference. If no preference, DJ typically wears a nice polo and kahkis.
If we're providing up lighting, what color do you prefer? Choices are: red, blue, green, purple, cyan, white (blue tint), and yellow (green tint). Other choices mighte be available upon request for a small additional fee.
How many guest are you expecting at your reception?
What time are you expecting your guest to arrive at the reception location?
What time is the bridal party expected to arrive at the reception location?
Please list in order, the names of each couple you would like for us to introduce, as well as the song you want played while they're being introduced. You can pick 1 song for the entire bridal party, or you can pick different songs for each couple.
What time do you expect dinner to be served?
Will there be a prayer before dinner? If yes, let us know who so we can provide them with a mic.
If dinner is buffet style, are we dismissing tables or is your caterer? If we are, please list the order here:
Will the DJ receive a meal?
Please list the names of everyone who will be giving speaches/toast. Please also let us know if you'd like the speeches before or after dinner.
Will you be cutting the cake before or after dinner? Please also list the song you'd like playing while you cut the cake.
First Dance song:
Father Daughter Dance song:
Mother Son Dance song:
Bouquet Toss song:
Garter Toss song:
Will there be a dollar dance? If yes, do you prefer traditional (where we play a few slow songs), auction style (we still play a few songs, but highest bidder gets the first dance), or raffle ticket style (where we draw winners for the bride and groom and play 1 song)?
Would you like for us to conduct an anniversary dance? This is where we play a slow song, and invite all married couples on to the dance floor to see who has been married the longest. The winner gives out marital advice!
Are there any other events or special dances you would like to do? Is there anything else you would like for us to announce during the reception? (Some use this as an opportunity to recognize birthdays and anniversaries that may be happening around this time)
Please list the songs or types of music you DO NOT want played during your reception:
We have a variety of music and we are always taking request from guest but if you have some songs in mind that are a MUST HAVE please list them here:

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